Monday, April 13, 2015

Donovan Osborne Autographed 1991 Score Rookie GIVEAWAY - Signed Baseball Card Giveaway Contest! Follow @AutographRob and @TtmMailDay on Twitter!

Going through some doubles today and came across these Donovan Osborne Rookies that were signed IP in the Nineties. Donovan as far as I know does not sign very many TTM autographs. Today being the St. Louis Cardinals home opener I figured I would give away something nice. This is going to be featured in a contest on or 

I wanted to pick a card of someone who is known for not a good TTM signer to help add to my fellow collectors collections. Tweet me your successes!

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04/17/2015 I am giving this card away via Twitter. Follow me. 

Allen Watson ( Former St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher ) TTM Success 04/13/15 Follow Me On Twitter For More! @AutographRob

Sent Allen Watson a SASE, LOR on 2/26/15 received my 2/2 cards back signed on 04/12/15. Sent to his a private address in New York. A nice Cardinals pitcher to add to my collection, he signed in Black Sharpie. 

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Kyle Gibson ( Twins Pitcher ) TTM Success 04/12/15 Follow Me For More Autographs @AutographRob

Kyle Gibson which I sent out around 3/23 to the Twins Spring Training Address and received my 2015 Topps Heritage back the week of 04/12/15 signed by Kyle with a bible verse beneath the blue sharpie signature. 

I really hope Kyle has a fantastic year this year with the Twins. If you would like to write to Kyle use the MN Twins Stadium address with his name c/o twins. He is a pretty good signer the season is going so it might take longer but you should send him some cards. 

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Wade Boggs TTM Autograph Success 04/13/15 Follow Me @AutographRob on Twitter For More!

Wade Boggs which I sent out around 3/23/15 and received back last week around 04/09/15. Wade has been a really great signer lately. I did not send a donation and received both of my cards back signed. Thank you very much Wade!

Countless All-Star Appearances, Hall Of Famer, #BoggsBeerChallenge, the guy has some credentials!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ken Dayley TTM Success 04/12/15 (St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher ) Follow Me On Twitter @AutographRob

Mailed Ken Dayley on 3/23 at a private address in St. Louis received my cards signed 4/12/15. The TTM Success matches perfectly with my IP success from the nineties minus the " 46 "  between the y's. Ken was a great pitcher for The St. Louis Cardinals and I am very happy to add a great signature to my growing collection.

The card on the right was signed around 1995 the card on the left was signed in 2015. Pretty cool to compare the two signatures that were signed over 2 decades apart from each other. Pretty consistent signature over the years. Only slight variations that I can see. Share your Ken Dayley Sigs with me on Twitter. 

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BUCK SHOWALTER ( ORIOLES MANAGER ) TTM SUCCESS 04/12/15 Follow Me On Twitter @AutographRob

Sent to his TX address, easily searchable and found! Fast success from a baseball great! Sent around 03/23/15 Received 04/11/15 please follow me on Twitter for more of my Autograph Successes. @AutographRob 

ZANE SMITH GEM MINT 10 TTM SUCCESS 04/12/2015 - Follow Me On Social Media @AutographRob

Sent 03/15/15 received back signed on 04/06/2015. This 88' Topps is pristine gem mint 10 obviously! Just joking but after pulling this Error out of a 88 wax pack I had to send this out TTM to Zane Smith via Private Address. 

Thank you Zane and thank you Topps!